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Each NFT holder will be able to contribute


Everything starts with a dream

A dream that we have been having since childhood - to become a participant in a cartoon. Now it's possible with Fussers. Together with our DAO you can get a new experience in co-creation of adult cartoon, obtain a lot of utilities and develop the crypto industry together. It's a new story, it's a new stage of interaction with the media. WEB 3.0 Everything starts with a dream.

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Got it. What's the cartoon about?

The heroes of the Fussers world are ordinary, unremarkable characters. Some teach children at school, some save lives in a hospital, while others build those hospitals. But life makes its adjustments. This affected our heroes as well. They are faced with problems, and realize a new unusual business - creation their own NFT collection. A unique one.On their way there will be many difficulties, new acquaintances and unobvious solutions.It remains for us to follow their destiny and believe that success is imminent. LFT

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Flex the plot, create the history

Each holder gets the opportunity to participate in the plot of the series and even transfer himself to the world of the NFT cartoon.

When creativity and quality comes together - they attract more people developing and inspiring the space. Fussers are building closed community of enthusiasts to grow and have fun together.

Let's take a look at the variety of utilities for the FUSSERS NFT Holders

  • Closed community enthusiasts and influencers

  • Community treasure including short-term investment mechanism

  • High quality merch, PFP, education materials

  • Unique plot-generating utility, including implement of new characters

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Who are we?

We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts, artists and animators who decided that it is their time to leave a mark in history and help the development of cryptocurrency technology as well as to make a contribution to WEB 3.0. It all goes under the aegis of realizing our common dream — to create our own media product that can outlast all of us, flock millions of viewers and make a lot of people happy. This is how Fussers was born.


After long bearish cycle everyone is tired of boring cashgrabs. NFT used to bring bright emotions and tons of fun, and this is what we stand and fight for in this market.

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The walls of the digital world are being destroyed.

The characters have gone off the screen and are trying to break into our 3D world. Each of them is disguised in different elements of clothing on a unique background. Try to uncover their disguise in your wallet. Or... get a unique 1/1 NFT character based on your photo. Damn, you're already in the cartoon yourself!

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